Dark Marks & Hyperpigmentation Kit
This handmade dark mark and hyperpigmentation kit is just the luxury your skin needs! This kit can be used or face or body!    Sets include 4 of our #1 sellers!    1 Turmeric Beauty Bar 1 Turmeric Beauty polish...
$140.00 $125.00
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Eczema Relief
This kit comes with our original beauty bar, beauty cream and original beauty polish. This kit offers soothing and healing to your eczema.  How to use: Cleanse with original bar first, then rinse. Exfoliate area with beauty polish three times...
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Acne Solution Kit
Our Acne Solution is the ultimate solution for clients with acne prone skin.  Active ingredients are tea tree oil, activated charcoal & calendula.  Say Byeeeee to Acne after experiencing this system.  Set comes with:    1 Full size activated charcoal...
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