Healthy Body, Healthy Skin!!!


Today's Blog post is all about Health & Beauty and how they work together. Maintaining healthy skin is more than what you put on your skin, it's what you put into your skin and of course how well you take care of your body! Exercise for one is very important. Excercise helps to nourish skin cells. It also increases blood flow. Lastly what is very important, detoxification! By walking, jogging and or being active this increases sweat. By increasing sweat this releases buildup from inside. Sweat purges the body of toxins, which is what we want! Take at least 3 times a week to be active. Remember health is wealth! 


Now let's get into what we put into our bodies. It's very important to eat plenty green, left lettuce. Drink at minium one gallon of water a day. This helps to flush your system of toxins too! Also, plenty of vitamins help to fight off free radical damage. I know many of us aren't pill takes so here's a Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mix that I absolutely LOVE, by Nature's Bounty! It's loaded with vitamins, C,D,B-6,B-12, and many other beneficial ingredients for overall health. it also has probiotics, collagen, & fiber...YUMMY!!! it's 120 calories. You can mix it with water or I love Almond Milk. Remember ladies, NO COW MILK...yucky! 


I hope you Queens enjoyed this information and look out for many, many more to come this FALL!!!


Licensed Esthetician, Melissa Odum-Williams



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