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The Super Loaf
This is our First ever Super Loaf!! This loaf is a customized creation, created by Melissa, our CEO. It’s a combination of our two most popular bars the original beauty bar and our activated charcoal beauty bar. This bar is...
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Dark Mark & Hyperpigmentation System
This handmade skincare regimen is the solution you have been looking for to clear your dark marks and hyperpigmentation!    This set includes  1 Turmeric Beauty Bar 1 beauty cream moisturizer  1 Calendula flower toner 1 Queen Brightening Serum 1...
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Yoni Bar Loaf
$150.00 $100.00
Yoni Bar Loaf
$150.00 $100.00
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Eczema Relief
This kit comes with our original beauty bar, beauty cream and original beauty polish. This kit offer soothing and healing to your eczema.  How to use: Cleanse with original bar first, then rinse. Exfoliate area with beauty polish. Lastly moisturizer...
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Turmeric Collection
This collection is LIMITED EDITION This set included a Turmeric beauty bar and Turmeric Exfoliant Polish. Key ingredients are Turmeric & Calendula. This set was formulated by Melissa to reduce deep, dark hyperpigmentation & acne scars. Its anti-inflammatory properties are...
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Month Supply Original Beauty Bars
A month supply of beauty bars is 4 beauty bars. Ideally, 1 beauty bar will last you up to 1 week if used as recommended. Which is twice a day!Ingredients include All Natural ingredients...Helping improve the skin of men, women,...
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Skin Brightening Beauty Serum
Our Queen brightening serum is going to be An amazing add on to your skincare regimen! Reducing the inflammation in acne and the pigmentation is old scars and blemishes! Great for all skin types.  Evening primrose Sandalwood lemon vitamin C vitamin...
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Beauty Bar Triple Pack
This set is designed for someone with combination skin issues and can't decide on which bar to choose from. Included are our signature bars! The Original Beauty Bar For dark marks, hyperpigmentation, acne scars & breakouts. Great for everyday natural...
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Reviews From Our Queens

I Love Queendom Aesthetic Products!!!

I love Queendom Aesthetic products!! They have done wonders for my skin! Especially for my acne and blemishes. The products are affordable and worth the money! Melissa and her staff were very knowledgeable of the products and helped me choose which products would be best for my skin!
Tiara Williams

The only products I let touch my face!!

Every time I have been to Queendom Aesthetics the staff is extremely helpful in helping you choose which products are best for your skin concerns. The Glow Queen definitely gave me the best first time facial experience. On top of great service, their products have changed my skin for the better. The only products I like touch my face!!
Gabriella Gaspard

I started using The beauty bars and creams and I’m going back to big brand again!

I Love Queendom Aesthetics!! I started using The beauty bars and creams and I’m going back to big brand again! I moved away and still drive from Lafayette,La to get my products! Staff is awesome and very informative as well.
Shamyra Johnson

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